Use Cases

With such a wide variety of National Standards documentation available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Using the categories is helpful to filter based on content, but that relies upon knowing what content to be sought out.

This use cases page will help you ask the right questions, to identify the right content, which you can then look for.


Framework: Product or Service

This framework is for use with a data or technology product or service, to ensure an appropriate range of standards are considered.

Whether you are a supplier, looking to introduce your product or service to policing, or a police force, looking to assess a product or service against established standards; you are encouraged to consider the below 10 steps and ask the question "Does this product or service apply to this step?"


Use Case Example

To help get you started, we have created the below fictional example to explain how to use the framework at each step.


Product: Smart-cuffs manufactured by Fictional Company Ltd, which record the fingerprint of the person they are applied to. 


Working through each stage, should help you form questions which the National Standards platform can help answer.

For example:


Hardware/Software Design:  If the device is running a version of Windows 10:1809 consider Security Guidance Windows 10 1809 


Data Storage: To ensure the effective and secure storage ability of this device, consider End User Device (EUD) Security Guidance


Data Retention: When using information, especially personally identifiable information consider Data Protection - GDPR


Interface: If the product visualises its results via a website or app, consider the public sector requirements on Website and application accessibility


Disposal:  When wiping sensitive data such as biometrics and handling the secure disposal of devices consider ICT Asset Recovery Standard 7.0 or Secure Sanitisation of Storage Media 1.0


This list is by no means exhaustive and is here as a guide for users to apply to their own individual and likely very specific use cases. If you are looking for a National Standard to fill that use case, but can't find it on the platform, please let us know, and we can then identify if this is a gap that we can fill on the platform