Welcome to the National Standards platform for policing


With National Standards, the Police Digital Service (PDS) provides a service that brings together policing, the Home Office and the private sector in a common approach for sourcing and promoting data and technical standards.  

Standards cover a wide range of digital, data and technology subject matter areas, provided on this purpose-built platform. A robust assurance structure ensures that only the standards that are fit for policing make it onto the platform.  

National Standards resources include policies, guidelines, blueprint designs and templates for policing, partner agencies and industry to refer to and put into practice.  



Live Standards Proposed standards ready for community feedback Workstreams in development

How standards are developed and kept up-to-date 

The PDS National Standards team provides support for standards that are shared with policing, and partner agencies. Standards are published and made available through the standards platform. Standards are developed in two ways: 

  • sourced externally, from existing documentation created by relevant public or private bodies; or 

  • developed internally, by subject matter experts with the help of the wider standards community. 

The standards platform and information stored there represents best practice for the unique use cases of policing. Where available, existing best practice is sourced and referred to before new standards are developed. Ownership of standards is made clear throughout the platform, so that users and visitors know who to go to for further information or advice


Standards for Policing, chosen by Policing

Governance of standards 

PDS’s National Standards service works across policing and partner organisations. It has a Community of Practitioners with 141 members. This network is engaged with any request for a new standard or to change existing ones that are published.  The service has a clear focus on  interoperability as a key principle for development of any standard.

The Standards Team also runs the governance for the development, publication, sharing and refresh of standards to ensure that these remain relevant and are kept updated, in line with new developments. 

The platform surfaces data and technology related workstreams that are already in development, to reduce the chance of duplication of effort whilst ensuring best practice working groups are joined up and visible. 

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