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ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence (Version 5)

This ACPO guide contains a set of golden principles for management of digital evidence and guidance on each stage in the evidence lifecycle: Plan, Capture, Analyse and Present. This guide represents good practice across a broad digital forensic landscape for policing.

Although dated, this guide has been reviewed in March 2021 by the National Standards Assurance Board and deemed current and relevant.

Published 01/03/2012
Authoring body: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
Retrieval of Video Evidence and production of working copies from digital CCTV Systems (Version 2.0)

Digital CCTV installations vary greatly in terms of the recording methods as a result of varying solutions with different capabilities and functionality which are used to capture picture and video evidence with export facilities provided.

This document provides guidance on the retrieval of video from any digital CCTV system in its native file format and the methods for the production of working copies in non-native file formats, where this is necessary to facilitate further processing or replay in court.

The document contains a flowchart to help the user select the most appropriate retrieval method to use for any given CCTV system. Explanatory notes are also provided for each option and guidance

given for assessing the practicality and suitability of each technique to ensure that the right retrieval method is selected to uphold evidential integrity.

The guidance also covers the production of working copies, specifically where this involves a conversion between video formats.

Options have also been presented for final storage of the working copy. Information is given as to the suitability of each conversion technique and storage medium, so that appropriate choices can be made to best minimise the potential degradation in image quality.

A checklist of actions is provided when retrieving data to ensure that all relevant information is captured and evidential integrity is maintained.

Published 01/01/2008
Authoring body: Defence Science and Technology Laboratory