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ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence (Version 5)

This ACPO guide contains a set of golden principles for management of digital evidence and guidance on each stage in the evidence lifecycle: Plan, Capture, Analyse and Present. This guide represents good practice across a broad digital forensic landscape for policing.

Although dated, this guide has been reviewed in March 2021 by the National Standards Assurance Board and deemed current and relevant.

Published 01/03/2012
Authoring body: Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
National Digital Case File Standards

The Digital Case File national programme has established standards for how a case file is built and sent to the CPS through collaboration with suppliers and police forces. 

Authoring body: Police Digital Service
POLE Standards

*** POLE standards under development. Publication date 7th May 2021. Use the “Contact us” tab if you need more information. ***

The intended purpose of this standard is to promote interoperability of systems by converging on a common set of POLE data definitions used within Policing. POLE data definitions describe how People, Objects, Locations and Events should be formatted.

There are 44 POLE entities described in this standard including:

  • 20 person entities
  • 13 object entities
  • 5 location entities
  • 6 event entities

The standard also defines the attributes (field size, format, type) used to create the entities and contains and “entity x attribute map”.

Published 07/05/2021
Authoring body: Police Digital Service (PDS)
National Policing Digital Strategy 2020-2030

The National Policing Digital Strategy sets out a new digital ambition for UK policing. It presents a set of tangible digital priorities and outlines the key data and technology building blocks required to deliver them. 

The strategy contains 5 priorities:

  1. Seamless citizen experience
  2. Addressing harm
  3. Enabling officers & staff through digital
  4. Embedding a whole public system approach
  5. Empower the private sector
Published 01/01/2020
Authoring body: Police Digital Service (PDS)