Cyber Security: Data security

Cyber Security: Data security

Cyber Security: Data security

Status: Live
Published: 11/05/2021
Security level: Official
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Live on platform: 23/09/21
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Target Audience: Technical / General
Authoring body: National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
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Step 7 from the 10 steps to Cyber Security covers the need to protect data where it is vulnerable.

Data needs to be protected from unauthorised access, modification, or deletion. This involves ensuring data is protected in transit, at rest, and at end of life (that is, effectively sanitising or destroying storage media after use). In many cases data will be outside your direct control, so it important to consider the protections that you can apply as well as the assurances you may need from third parties. With the rise in increasingly tailored ransomware attacks preventing organisations from accessing their systems and data stored on them, other relevant security measures should include maintaining up-to-date, isolated, offline backup copies of all important data

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