Cyber Security: Engagement and training

Cyber Security: Engagement and training

Cyber Security: Engagement and training

Status: Live
Published: 11/05/2021
Security level: Official
Amended / Internally developed: No
Live on platform: 23/09/21
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Target Audience: Business / General
Authoring body: National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
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Step 2 from the 10 steps to Cyber Security covers the engagement and training of members from your organisation.

People should be at the heart of any cyber security strategy. Good security takes into account the way people work in practice, and doesn't get in the way of people getting their jobs done. People can also be one of your most effective resources in preventing incidents (or detecting when one has occurred), provided they are properly engaged and there is a positive cyber security culture which encourages them to speak up. Supporting your staff to obtain the skills and knowledge required to work securely is often done through the means of awareness or training. This not only helps protect your organisation, but also demonstrates that you value your staff, and recognise their importance to the business.

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