National Digital Case File Standards

National Digital Case File Standards

National Digital Case File Standards

Status: Live
Published: 01/04/2021
Security level: Official
Amended / Internally developed: Yes
Live on platform: 01/11/21
Retired on platform:
Target Audience: Technical / General
Authoring body: Police Digital Service (PDS)

The Digital Case File national programme has established standards for how a case file is built and sent to the Crown Prosecution Service through collaboration with suppliers and police forces. 

This programme works with a number of organisations, such as the CPS, law enforcement agencies and suppliers to produce a set of standards, which suppliers can then use to produce compatible solutions, allowing law enforcement agencies to send case files digitally to CPS . This is the national standard required for any technical digital case file solution.

This DCF programme is being implemented in police forces now and the attached documents liable to be updated as it progresses.

The National Standards Assurance Board notes that the branding is CGI on the standards as this is reflective of their work in writing them, but this has been in partnership with policing who own and continue to contribute towards them.

Category: Incident, Crime and Records Management Criminal Justice