Command & Control (C&C) Version 0.1

Command & Control (C&C) Version 0.1

Command & Control (C&C) Version 0.1

Status: Retired
Published: 01/01/2019
Security level: Official
Amended / Internally developed: No
Target Audience: Technical / General
Authoring body: Reference data service platform
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This document was retired in June 2021.

The Command and Control (C&C) solution is the incident management and deployment solution for police officers responding to incidents reports by the public.

Incidents are usually graded based on severity of the incident and officers have Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) target in responding to incidents especially serious/critical incidents. SLA’s may differ from police force.

The Data types included in C&C are:

  • Action Status

  • Application Function Code

  • Application Function Title

  • Bus Info Class

  • Calendar Entry Class

  • Calendar Entry Status

  • Competency Class

  • Date Type

  • Duty Class

  • DVLA M/V Manufacturer Code

  • Event Plan Status

  • Incident Class

  • Location Status

  • Message Priority

  • Message Status

  • Message Template Type

  • Method of Reporting Origin

  • Motor Vehicle Body Type  Description

  • Organisation Class

  • Person Build

  • Person skin colour

  • PNC Access Reason

  • Person Shoe Type

  • Person Nationality

  • Person Eye Colour

  • Police EQP Avail Status

  • Police Officer Rank

  • Record Data Protection Status

  • Response Grade

  • Role

  • Sex

  • Special Constable Rank

  • Traffic Warden Rank

  • User Class ID

  • Plus many more.

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Category: Incident, Crime and Records Management