Implementing ISS4PS Volume 2

Implementing ISS4PS Volume 2

Implementing ISS4PS Volume 2

Status: Retired
Published: 01/01/2015
Security level: Official
Amended / Internally developed: No
Target Audience: Technical / General, Business / General
Authoring body: Association of Chief Police officers (ACPO)
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This document was retired in July 2021

The Information Systems Strategy for the Police Service (ISS4PS) version 3 is the overarching strategy for  Information Systems (IS)/Information Communication Technology (ICT) in policing. ICT Architecture is the technical foundation of an effective ICT strategy. The ISS4PS focuses on technology, data and application architecture, therefore as a result this document contains technical detail describing the architecture.

The ISS4PS is designed to assist in meeting many of the goals of government imperatives, such as, the National Policing Plan. In order for the Police Service to meet the demands set out, it must view itself as an enterprise operating at a national level. It also follows the e-GIF standards and principles, recognises the diversity of IS/ICT within the Police Service, and is cognisant of Criminal Justice System (CJS) technical architectures.

The key theme that runs throughout the ISS4PS is that the Police Service will develop more commonality and become more joined-up in its approach to IS/ICT services.

Intended readers are for ICT Directors, ICT central coordinators, ICT Solution Architects, service providers and technical staff at the Home Office, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Association of Police Authorities (APA), the Forces, and Criminal Justice Information Technology (CJIT).

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