Welcome to the National Standards platform for policing

National data and technology standards help policing deal with the problems of increasing expense, complexity and inconsistent infrastructure. The development of National Standards helps drive innovation, reduce cost and improve interoperability by bringing together UK policing, the Home Office and the private sector in a common approach to sourcing, promoting and adopting standards in line with the National Policing Digital Strategy 2020 - 2030.

The Police Digital Service works with national policing partners to coordinate this activity and has Chief Constable Jo Farrell as the senior responsible officer for the programme to ensure National Standards remain useful, useable and used.


Live Standards Proposed standards ready for community feedback Workstreams in development

What are National Standards?

National Standards are principles, policies, standards, guidelines and reference data/templates, which are either:

  • Sourced externally, from existing documentation created by relevant public or private bodies
  • Developed internally, by subject matter experts with the help of the wider standards community

These documents represent best practice for the unique use cases of Policing and are referred to collectively as National Standards. Where available, existing best practice will be sourced before being developed. This platform signposts existing and upcoming standards whether they come from established organisations, national programmes or smaller projects.


Standards for Policing, chosen by Policing

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The National Standards programme has a clear focus on interoperability, but that applies to both humans as well as machines. The platform surfaces data and technology related workstreams that are already in development, to reduce the chance of duplication of effort whilst ensuring best practice working groups are joined up and visible.

These can be working groups in the very early stages of discussing options, all the way through to programmes which are nearing completion but have yet to officially launch. If you wish to add your workstream to the platform you can let us know here, but it must:

  • Be data or technology related
  • Have a clear policing focus and benefit
  • Have documentation as an agreed output