For lost / stolen / new devices

The process below applies if your device has been lost or stolen, the GA or other authenticator app has been deleted from your device or if you have a new device and no longer wish to use the device you initially used to set up 2FA.

Please contact the Knowledge Hub  support team by signing up to and submitting a ticket on our support portal (linked) at your earliest convenience requesting a ‘2FA reset’. Please include the reason for the 2FA reset (e.g. change of device).

You will be unable to log in to the Knowledge Hub until a System Administrator has reset the 2FA against your account. A System Administrator will notify you once the reset has been completed.

Once you have received this notification, log in to your Knowledge Hub account.

You will be presented with the 2FA configuration screen below the next time you log in to your Knowledge Hub account.

You will need to set up GA (or your choice of another authenticator app) on your new / replacement device at this stage to complete the 2FA configuration and access your Knowledge Hub account (please refer to ‘How to set up Google Authenticator’ for this process).