How to set up two-factor authentication

This guide explains how to use Google Authenticator (GA) on the Knowledge Hub but if preferred, another authenticator app may be used. The steps taken to connect the app to the user’s Knowledge Hub account should be very similar to those below.

GA is free on Android and iOS. The app, like other authenticator apps, has a rotating set of codes you can use whenever required and does not need a connection to the internet (or mobile service).

If you do not already have an authenticator app installed to your smartphone, go to the App Store or Play Store on your device.

Google Authenticator logoType ‘Google Authenticator’ in the search bar.

Download and install the GA app to your smartphone device.

NOTE: to use GA on your Android device, you will need Android version 2.1 or later. To use GA on your Apple device, you will need the latest operating system. 2-Step Verification must be turned on and the GA app permissions must also be ‘allowed’ in the settings on your device.

Knowledge Hub two-factor authentication setup screen

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the GA app on your device, you will need to connect it to your Knowledge Hub. To do this, log in to your Knowledge Hub account as normal. You will then see the screen on the right.

Now, open the authenticator app you downloaded. On GA, click the + sign on the top (iOS) or bottom (Android) right:

Image showing how to add a new account in iOS

Image showing how to add a new account in Android

Now, at the bottom, select Scan a barcode:

Image showing how to scan a barcode in Google Authenticator

Now point your phone towards the QR code shown on your screen. The authenticator will scan this and add your Knowledge Hub account.

If, for whatever reason, the scanning doesn’t work, you can select Manual entry instead, and enter the long string of characters under ‘Secret Key’. This will also add your Knowledge Hub account to GA.

The app will now show you a six-digit code next to this new addition. Enter this into the ‘Authenticator App Code’ field on the Knowledge Hub, then click Verify code, and you’re done.

NOTE: the GA code provided expires every 30 seconds. If you try to input an expired code, the verification will be unsuccessful. You can view the life span on the right of the six-digit code provided. When the blue circle turns white, the code will refresh, and you will have to enter the new code.

The Knowledge Hub two-factor authentication sign-in screenYou only need to follow this process once. Having set up your 2FA, at consequent logins you will only need to enter your email and password as usual, followed by whatever six-digit code is displayed on your authenticator app at the time.

NOTE: the authenticator app does not have access to any of your Knowledge Hub information – it simply proves that the person logging in has access not only to your email address and password but also to your phone, thereby making it less likely that your account may be compromised. Therefore, it is safe to store the app on your personal device, if necessary.