Knowledge Hub is a centrally-managed platform that enables policing and its partners to share ICT-related information, discuss ideas and opportunities and collaborate, to reduce duplication, drive efficiency, and support closer working.

Knowledge Hub groups are flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes, from large communities of practice, to small project teams, working groups, training programmes or procurement exercises. A Knowledge Hub group may be open, restricted or private. (LINK)

Knowledge Hub allows the storage and sharing of key files and information from a range of sources, including but not limited to:

  • National policing programmes and teams
  • Local forces
  • Police Digital Service
  • National policing organisations
  • Suppliers (where approved)
  • Partner agencies (where approved)

The open areas of the Knowledge Hub will contain information of value to local, regional and national policing. This includes:

  • Roadmaps for national, regional and local projects and programmes;
  • Updates from national, regional and local projects and programmes; and
  • Supplier information.

Knowledge Hub also offers a range of features including:

  • Contact information for forces and colleagues across policing to help you find the right contact more quickly;
  • Chat and forums, to enable two-way communication with suppliers, partners and colleagues;
  • Collaboration features, to enable staff and officers to work together effectively, share what works and encourage new ways of thinking; and
  • Group spaces and tiered access, to ensure the right information is shared with the right people.

We are keen to ensure that the Knowledge Hub is a useful tool that helps save time and effort and promotes effective collaboration. If you feel it is missing some features or have suggestions for improving it, please get in touch.

Knowledge Hub is hosted within private cloud facilities in a UK-based data centre, in the London area. Find out more about security on Knowledge Hub (LINK).

Who owns the Knowledge Hub?

Knowledge Hub is provided by Police Digital Service as a key part of our ambition to work in partnership to reduce duplication and increase effective collaboration in police IT. The ultimate goal, aligned to our vision, is to facilitate end-to-end business benefits and savings for policing. You can find out more about Police Digital Service on our website.

The primary focus of our Knowledge Manager Dipesh Parmar, is running the Knowledge Hub, from helping facilitate individual communities of practice to managing the wider platform, getting feedback and working closely with members to help them make the connections that support their aims.

Dipesh is always interested to hear your feedback about Knowledge Hub so please get in touch with her either via the Knowledge Hub or by emailing