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The Knowledge Hub has been created for UK policing and its public and private sector partners, to help you share information, discuss ideas and opportunities and encourage greater collaboration.

If you work in or with local or national policing, signing up to the Knowledge Hub will help you make the right connections. Registration is free but membership requests will be subject to approval.

The Knowledge Hub is currently experiencing a problem with its emails being blocked by some forces/ policing organisations. We are currently working with our provider to resolve the issue and will keep you updated. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could contact your IT department/ service provider and let us know (knowledgehub@ict.police.uk) if there is anything else that might be blocking Knowledge Hub emails at the recipient’s end. Knowledge Hub emails are sent from the Amazon Web Services SES (Simple Email Service) using the email address knowledgehub@ict.police.uk.

If you are a user who has been directed to the Knowledge Hub by the College of Policing as a POLKA community user, please contact contactcentre@college.pnn.police.uk in the first instance if you are experiencing any problems.