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Recruitment Guidance - Candidate Management

Ensuring that the right candidates are selected for policing roles is essential. Employing the right selection process is essential to make the most efficient use of money, time and resources and can have the following benefits:

  • Reduce the probability of selecting individuals who will not perform at their jobs effectively.

  • Better value at the national Assessment process

  • Minimises disproportionality in outcomes for underrepresented groups

  • Maximise candidates potential by supporting, them and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

It is known that not all forces handle their recruitment process in the same way in the early process and therefore causes discrepancies in the way people are recruited in the police force. A sifting solution is being undertaken that aims to help effectively mange candidates. Whilst this is still on-going, this document aims to help police forces consider some key principles for an effective end-to-end recruitment process.

Each area should be considered:

  • Recruitment strategy

  • Attraction campaign and positive action

  • Registration

  • Force selection

  • National Assessment Process

  • Post-assessment process activity

  • Appointment

Monitoring of each area and collaborating with other learning providers are critical to the improvement, maximisation and best practise of the selection process.


Published 01/01/2020
Authoring body: College of Policing