Digital Investigation & Intelligence APP

Digital Investigation & Intelligence APP

Digital Investigation & Intelligence APP

Status: Live
Published: 01/01/2020
Security level: Official
Amended / Internally developed: No
Live on platform: 23/04/21
Retired on platform:
Target Audience: Business / General, Police Officer
Authoring body: College of Policing (CoP)

The digital policing learning programme was created to for officers and staff to update their knowledge regarding digital intelligence and investigation. The programme helps explains the use and misuse of devices and applications and how they appear in the policing world. 

The programme’s aim is to ensure that all staff are:

  • confident facing situations where there is a digital element

  • competent in identifying and carrying out the actions required by those circumstances

  • able to ensure they are compliant in their actions.

The Digital Intelligence and Investigation project will deliver learning and knowledge resources that will ensure that all new and serving officers acquire the digital skills they need to undertake investigations effectively.  

Category: Intelligence Systems